TestOwl Tutors brings elite test preparation, subject tutoring, and academic coaching to Metro Detroit. The curriculum and best practices used by TestOwl Tutors were developed over years of working, one-on-one, with students at every skill level. We recognize that, as tutors, it’s not enough for us to simply excel at the tests ourselves. We help our students reliably improve their performance step-by-step, starting wherever their skill is today.  As part of the Chariot Learning Network, TestOwl Tutors boasts in-depth knowledge of college admissions tests, a performance-based learning practicum, and a track record of success. Contact us now to set up your first session and start improving your score right away.


Brad KellyBrad Kelly - Founder of TestOwl Tutors

Brad, the founder of TestOwl Tutors, is an engineer, published writer, and experienced educator. He has prepared hundreds of high school students to get their best score on the SAT and ACT.

In 2006, Brad earned a BS in Civil Engineering under full academic scholarship from Wayne State University. He then worked as an engineering consultant on transportation and technology issues, while earning a BA in English from Boise State. In 2010, he joined the Michener Center for Writers at the University of Texas, a highly selective fellowship program for creative writers. Since earning his MFA in Fiction, he has tutored full-time in Denver, Colorado, started a technical services company for the solar industry, and helped to develop large scale solar arrays in Western New York. Most recently, Brad served as a go-to tutor for Chariot Learning, the premiere test prep company in Rochester, NY. Now, he has brought his diverse skill-set, mastery of the SAT and ACT, and personal approach home.