TestOwl Tutors: Guiding Metro Detroiters Through the SAT and ACT

TestOwl Tutors proudly serves Metro Detroit with premium, one-on-one test preparation for the major college admissions tests. As part of the Chariot Learning network, our proven curriculum and personalized approach give motivated students an edge. Let us guide you to your very best scores on the SAT and ACT.


What it takes to get into the college of your choice

College admission is more competitive than ever. At the same time, costs are rising and scholarships can make all the difference in a student’s long-term debt. If you have worked hard for the best possible GPA, extended yourself through enriching extracurriculars, and carefully researched your target schools . . .the only piece you’re missing is a great test score! Not to worry, because we can help.


Return on Investment

These days, students have to think about their education as an investment in their future careers. The reputation of one’s alma mater has major implications for job prospects, and prestigious institutes provide invaluable networking opportunities. While standardized tests are not the only consideration for college admissions, they are one aspect that can be improved in a short period of time. A student cultivates his or her GPA over their entire high school career, but standardized test scores can be optimized in a matter of just a few weeks.



Not sure which test to take? We can help you figure that out. For most students, it’s best to take both tests and submit the best scores to their schools of choice. Luckily, the tests are incredibly similar. For the most part, preparing for the SAT is preparing for the ACT, and vice versa. At TestOwl Tutors, we use a curriculum designed to help students optimize their performance on both tests simultaneously.